Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Children's sleep

Many very young children wonder how their children sleep, enough sleep because every baby or thinking, fussy sleeping... In fact, it is no longer a problem if they understand the biological rhythm in your baby's sleep.

All activities of living organisms is a periodic series of changes. All expressions that are called biological rhythms. Interestingly, there are many biological rhythms of life corresponding to the rhythm of natural movement that we can easily see them. Such as the rhythm method - human sleep, work on beat - night of animals and flowering period puncture results of each spring plants...

Rhythm method - human sleep has been established for a long life due to the interaction of body and environment. Thus, both biological rhythms intrinsic nature (such as astronauts in space space or when we put the creatures in dark caves, they retain the rhythm method - sleep as old), wearing external computer (such as night shift workers will adapt to compensate by sleeping during the day, or when people go from parallel to parallel the other, is adapted to all activities in the new context).

Our mission is adjusted so that the internal body rhythms and external rhythms are harmonious and unified, to avoid confusion detrimental to the body. For humans - especially children, live and in the process of developing, operating alternate sleep mode is a natural physiological needs are indispensable. Rhythm sleep mode is "the key rhythms, effects and rhythm dominates all other body.

Sleep time associated with age does not?

Time to sleep depending on age and requirements of each body. In adults, an hour every activity must be offset by half hours sleep. In children, sleep is very high demand, just an hour to operate offset by 2 hours of sleep, that is 4 times more adults. The smaller age, the higher the need for sleep (babies sleep 20-22 hours a day). When you grow up, will decrease need for sleep, to an age of only 16 hours, 2 to 14 hours old, 3 years old to 13 hours. When 16-year-old child slept only eight hours as adults.

Time to sleep mainly at night, particularly to children sleep in the day time is also important. Each individual has different needs sleep. We need to ensure and maintain the right to its natural rhythm. Distribution mode of living and reasonable hours for each age and stage of each individual body is the decisive factor.

What is sleep faster and sleep late?

Sleep is formed by several cycles with two different states, each cycle is divided into five phases. Delayed sleep for around 80% of the time asleep in children, as indicated by electrical brain waves slow on 4 stages with increasing depth. At this stage, the body's living activities such as heartbeat, breathing, basic metabolic descending to the lowest level. Fast asleep (or five stages of the cycle) followed with delayed sleep, accounted for 20% of the time remaining. This phase electrical brain activity is represented by the fast waves at nearly the same way. Two types of sleep each night this serial form many consecutive cycles, each cycle of children account for about 90 minutes, separate infant is 50-60 minutes, an adult is 120 minutes.

It found that in slow sleep, quiet money online in the brain releases growth hormones (Growth hormone, GH). This hormone plays a very important role in the recovery of health and promote the growth of the young body. As children many physical activities like playing, exercising, sports, sleep delay will increase as children sleep easier and sleep deeper.

Unlike the slow sleep, sleep fast will help children recover faster than mental fatigue (such as work, study, and traumatic) and affect the growth of the nervous system. It works to strengthen the memory, long memory and helps them remember more solid information recorded. Fast asleep increases when children are practicing a certain subject, such as dancing, singing. If you stop or wake at this stage, children will easily forget, stress, irritability, or, irritability, fussy, narrow-minded when studying.

How to help children sleep better?

Children should be set for early and proper sleeping habits in a given time, to give children a reflex relaxation, helps children sleep easier in any conditions.

Minimize the external stimuli as well as internal nervous system in children during sleep. The most important thing is to avoid noise and light because they do not sleep deeply and easily children awake. In addition, other factors such as poverty, or eat too young for it, not cleaning the body, clothing too tight, the position is wrong, where the nature of sleep and ventilation are not harmful to poor sleep.

Need to refrain from the psychological trauma as a child makes before bedtime inhibitors (such as bullies threatened, shouted at, intimidated tell stories, to see horror movies...). Where children are primary targets during sleep, so gentle cleaning and to sleep again, not yelled.

Children play, physical activity also contributed to full bed depth. When children have trouble sleeping, you can use soft words referring to cause marketing as "good children go to bed eyes, she injured" or "close your eyes go to sleep good baby"... to help children go to sleep easily.

Each child has a need for sleep time, length and depth vary. Parents need to create conditions for adequate sleep, do not awaken soon. Typically, when getting enough sleep, children will wake up automatically, no need to call.

In the case of children with sleep disorders (such as several consecutive sleepless night), need to seek medical care, should not take sleeping pills without consulting your doctor. There are many causes of sleep disorders. In children, need to pay attention to sleep disorders related to nutritional deficiency, usually accompanied by conditions of appetite, reduced food, reduced feeding, vomiting, slow big... The expression common sleep disorders in children include sleep, restless sleep problems, waking many times during the night, dreaming, says Chuck, nightmares, dream, terror attacks during sleep. These disorders may be associated with zinc deficiency due to reduced food shortage has substances such as magnesium, calcium, amino acids, vitamins B Can be quickly cured when they were added zinc and other nutritional deficiencies described above.

Official Time - Sleep always intermingled together, creating a harmonious rhythm, naturally. This is an important biological rhythms of the body, especially in children, so care should sleep best attention and proper care.