Sunday, 3 February 2013

Omron M10- Great Value For Two

Are you looking for more sophisticated functions and data results when taking your blood pressure?

Do you and your partner each need to maintain a watchful eye on your cardiovascular health and blood pressure level status?

Well, the Omron M10 upper arm electronic digital blood pressure device may be the solution you're looking for. The structure and functionality of this upper arm blood pressure appliance can provide you with the best overall information you will need to help keep a close eye on your heart health.

You can rely that this home monitoring blood pressure device has some heavy duty impressive features that offers you by far the most precise reading outcomes.

With a straightforward click of a button, you are guaranteed current and precise blood pressure measurements. This is a result of the built-in precision calibration check system. Featured along with it is the easy to follow cuff wrap recommendations supplied in your kit.

Don't be intimidated. Even though this is a quite high-tech instrument, it's very simple to operate and use. On top of that, it has the capability to store recent results for not one but two persons.

Yes, this monitor can be used by two individuals. A user switch allows you to alternate from user A to B.

If two people are using the unit, it will calculate up to 84 measurements with memorized date and time.

Need to have average blood pressure results?

Not an issue. The Omron M10 can compute averages every week up to and including seven - eight weeks of storage space.

Be My Guest

In a hurry or on the run but need to check in?

Omron M10 can consider you "a guest" and never store your quick reading to its database. You can even invite a family member or friend to take their blood pressure measurements without altering your set parameters or disturbing your own personal memory bank.

Safe And Sound

One more safety feature is the automatic three-time reading. Three blood pressure readings are taken in independent time periods with a 60 second rest interval in between measurements.

The blood pressure measurements are averaged and can be stored in your very own laptop or computer. Yes, software programs are integrated so that you can keep track of your state of health status online.

How high-tech is that!

A CD with software program is provided only in English which is a limitation for those who are not multi-lingual. The user handbook however is available in English and Spanish.

The Key Is In The Cuff

This Omron M10 series carries the dual-sized patented ComfitCuff which makes readings equally simple, easy, and safe. As with all Omron healthcare products, it has the Intellisense Technology for guaranteed inflation pressure that's sensed for you automatically.

Without having accurate cuff measurement and positioning, outcomes of blood pressure measurements may very well be incorrect.

Tips And Tricks For Best And Accurate Readings

Below are a few suggestions for a ideal cuff fit for precision measurements:

Determine your arm size. It is best to use a measuring tape made from smooth material like cloth.

Measure your upper arm circumference (measurement around your arm).
Standard cuff dimensions: 9-13 inches
Large cuff dimensions: 13-17 inches

Omron ComFit Cuffs--fit both standard and large size arms from 9 to 17 inches width

More Recommendations For Precision In Taking Your Blood Pressure

Make sure you do not measure your blood pressure within one half hour (30) minutes of:

- Consuming Food

- Smoking

- Bathing In Very Hot or Cool Water

- Performing Exercises Or Workouts

- Ingesting Alcohol Based Drinks

More Tips:

- Be certain that your blood pressure cuff is securely fit around the left arm.

- Do not hurry and take your measurements straight away.

- Wait quietly for approximately five minutes just before pressing the start

- Make sure each of your feet remain flat on the floor.

- Loosen up and keep your shoulder blades down.

- Keep left arm heart level on a table if possible.

- When you have satisfied all the above guidelines, just press the start key.
Your Omron electronic digital device will simply take over.

How Good Is Good-
What the Numbers Let You Know

Using the Omron 10 Series monitors for upper arm readings can make final results understandable as well as simple.

The digital unit features a visible wide easy-to-read display with labels and fonts which are large and crystal clear. Each and every number is additionally marked with a tab on the side.

Some Facts:

Systolic Pressure is the uppermost number on the display screen. It is the reading of your pressure that is produced as your heart pumps blood all through your system by way of your arteries.

Diastolic Pressure is the lower portion noted on the display screen. It is the pressure that's measured when your heart relaxes in between your heart beats.

The two measurements Systolic and Diastolic pressure gives you the entire package we call Blood pressure level.

Check with your physician to determine what is the appropriate blood pressure reading correct for your medical condition.

Blood Pressure Shuffle

It's very normal to have your blood pressure differ at certain times during the day, in the course of activity, medication, food, or any type of stress or emotion.

A blood pressure taken later in the day or before going to bed can be considerably different than a reading obtained following physical exercise or in the morning.

You'll be able to discover any deviations in your blood pressure and trends anytime throughout the day or night while using the Omron 10 Series.

Distinctive Functions To Think About Omron M10

Guaranteed accuracy and precision is assured. Each model is specifically calibrated to satisfy guidelines and quality control.

Comfit Cuff fits normal or large sizes. This can be a limitation for individuals
whose arm measurement is within the small range.

Software program and USB cable to download outcomes to your personal computer and display in graphic form is integrated.

Function will serve 2 users for trouble-free tracking of different individuals; guest mode readily available for convenient measurements not held in memory.

Morning and evening recall memory space for Morning Hypertention tracking is available.

Morning Hypertention icon display for notification of elevated reading is simple
to read.

Averaging of blood pressure outcome capabilities for weekly long-term monitoring is accessible. Three measurement averaging function (Single and Auto means) can be shown and displayed.

84 memory space capacity for individual user including date, time indicator exact time function tracking is available.

Key Advantages And Benefits Of Omron M10

The Omron M10 upper arm blood pressure monitor includes these 10 key benefits:

System To Confirm Calibration

Automatically will check and double check each and every reading with dual sensors to provide you with that extra peace of mind that every measurement is accurate.

Detector For Irregular Heartbeats

While you're measuring your blood pressure, this device has been built to identify irregular heartbeats. This alert can help you get in touch with your physician for guidance relating to your heart status.

Cuff Wrap Guide

A verification icon will appear to inform you that the cuff has been wrapped properly all-around your arm.

BP System Tier Indicator

This indicator helps keep you informed and compares your blood pressure measurements to the recommended guidelines for home blood pressure measurement in recommended ranges.

Two Person Systems

Monitoring and taking blood pressure measurement functionality independently for two users on a single memory space is provided.

ComFit Cuff

Patented by Omron├é®, the pre-formed arm cuff can increase in size to suit both equally normal and broader sized arms for assured accuracy and ease when taking measurements.


Set from the accepted recommended guidelines for home blood pressure monitoring, the device can on auto-pilot calculate three successive readings which are 60 seconds apart and displays the final results for the average of the three readings.

AC Adapter

Monitor consumption that is assured by an AC adapter that connects to a standard wall outlet to ensure accessibility to the machine all the time and anyplace.

Multifunctional Advanced Averaging Information

A history of seven-eight weeks previous results for morning and evening pressure measurements are readily available with just a touch of a button.

Memory Storage Space

Plenty of memory space storage for every individual with date and time that allows you to look at the previous blood pressure measurements with a push of the key.

Great Value For Two

Pricing for your Omron M10 unit runs from $99.00 - $103.00. That are a terrific value for what is provided and the number of persons it serves.

There are some limitations to the system. It doesn't serve a smaller sized cuff arm.

A special note has to be considered for battery usage. Lower batteries might alter results. Batteries need to be maintained and checked.

This apparatus would serve people who find themselves willing to review the handbook and will be working with all of the additional functions such as memory for two, PC software program, and averaging program.

A more basic unit would be recommended for anyone just necessitating simply tracking functionality.

All round the Omron M10 is a wonderful purchase for individuals who should keep track of their own health status at home with high tech technologies at press of a button.

High tech with simple operation -who could ask for more!