Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Lessons I've Learned From Yoga

I made the financial commitment in a standard yoga mat and strap along with 2 foam blocks at our nearby Target shop.

It felt amazing and was cost-effective. I was so excited to understand distinct poses & find that each practice was massaging all of my inner organs. I slept so well after my evening yoga class. My flexibility improved significantly. I repeatedly signed up for more.

Then as life would have it, I skilled a few serious health difficulties that demanded surgery. My yoga practice derailed! I went from doing shoulder stands and plows to becoming increasingly sedentary and depressed. Thoughts of being too old & being out of shape bubbled up into my thoughts. I spun myself into a very negative tail spin.

I recognised I must control my own life. I have made a large number of wholesome life style changes. I no longer drink coffee & stay away from all caffeine. Yogi tea is a genuine treat to delight in. I targeted the tags on Yogi tea bag to read wonderfully uplifting messages. I read the side of the box and learned however another new pose with meaning.

Alas, it took several years nonetheless my yoga connection was reestablished. This time it's in a gentle yoga environment. It seems like no pose is off limits. I believed my stronger poses to be a thing of the past. There is a few truth to this, yet with aids, I'm getting better all the time.

I have learned to use my breath properly with movement. It is been advised to use a five/7 technique. Inhale deeply for 5 counts and exhale for seven counts. Stale air trapped inside does not help at all.

My yoga instructors have taken the time to show me modifications & allowed the use of chairs when required. The bridge pose is one of my favorites. I'm told it can help with depression. It's working for me. I have learned that while lying down, my head should be higher than my heart. I've learned that placing my feet up the wall with elevated legs is a somewhat restorative pose.

One yoga instructor shared that any quantity of time with the feet up the wall allows the blood to fill the trunk of the body & provide additional blood to the organs. If time makes it possible for 15 minutes of elevating my legs against the wall it is equivalent to two hours of restful sleep to the body! Bring me to the nearest wall!

I've learned to use the yoga blocks made to lean on, placed below my hips for support, placed below my sacrum, and even squeezed between my thighs for correct distance and sensation awareness. In some cases I rest my forehead on a block when my back is tight while in child pose.

I have recently had a Master Yoga teacher put pressure on my elevated feet pushing the head of the femur (thigh bone) into the hip socket. I was told that would help my body generate more bone density. I just ordered 2 sand bags from a yoga internet site to fill & use for that purpose. I might as well put pressure on the top of my feet when they rest against the wall.

Balance is a key factor. Continually do each sides of your body with poses. Your body might feel differently from side to side & on distinct days. I know mine does! I've observed the tree pose with robust yoga practitioners when the foot is to the side and pressed up the inner thigh. I have learned that there are distinctive heights to obtain & beneath the knee is an acceptable modification. In fact, moving my foot perpendicular above my inner ankle is my most prevalent tree pose & it is just as effective! It's important to line up over the joint with the knee & ankle.

I'm learning that no matter how crazy my mornings begin, I can often fit in a couple of sun salutations & downward facing dogs before brushing my teeth. Even my pets do that pose stretch upon rising. Now I know where the name "downward dog" came from! Quite often, just a couple "cat/cow" flexes when on all fours helps my spine stretch and realign. I guess we can understand from a few poses used in the animal kingdom.

I still am not in a position to pronounce lots of of the Yoga Sanskrit names for poses, nevertheless continue to understand the English versions. I've been so lucky to rediscover the stunning world of yoga & blessed to have patient teachers. I will not turn out to be disconnected from yoga ever once more.

The blissful night's sleep has returned. My body loves it! Yoga brings me both peace and ignites my inner warrior! Acceptance is so valuable, in particular of one's self. Yoga allows for that.

Previously, yoga was, "A process of workouts to control our body, mental energy and our emotions." Our character is a framework constructed by ourselves, from the experience and exposure we gain. In the end, our purpose of life will be a battle between our own self and the world we live in. It's we who rule our actions and it's we who master our mind. Everything we do, is all voluntary & at our own risk. None are ideal, such as us, & it's our duty to appropriate ourselves. Everyone gather individuality & we should safe it. The actions we do and our attitude is all mastered by our conscience. An excellent mind is one which is telexed and eased out. How do we have a relaxed state of mind to conquer peace? We need to concentrate our mind & soul in tranquility and harmony and discard any other outbursts, sorrow or anything else that's bitter. Such a focused spirituality will make us feel the essence of harmony & we will be relaxed. Similarly we need to control our mind & not get attracted by the magnets of distraction. We need to be accurate to our instincts. This will make us acceptable by ourselves & by the society.

A person's character is judged by the companions he befriends. Similarly, individuals that practice & master yoga, say that, our motives will spread & influence any person who keep in touch with us, by quite a few passage of present, that arise within our body. If we're dawned by antagonistic & intimidating mind set, it will open up unfriendly motives amongst others who are with us, and will eventually have an effect on them. In contrast to these persons, persons with positive outlook will expand care, kindness & harmony amongst those around them. As a result, yoga helps us to refine our attitude for betterment of us & people around us.

An ordinary individual won't be in a position to undoubtedly detach from outside world, and concentrate on 1 particular thing. Though people who practice yoga can obtain that height. They can undeniably detach the outside world from their mind & themselves & can concentrate & meditate, without permitting other stuffs to enter their minds. It's through these principles of focusing our mind, that the Fauquier of India is eminent for their height of achievement. To make our process of breathing, ineffective quite a few days in a specified time, hindering and restricting the heartbeat for quite sometime, parking ourselves on a bed of nails, unaffected by any means, are all a couple consequences of the power of concentration, focused mind setting along with a technique of controlled workouts practiced. These achievements are of least value for us Westerners. Rather, our primary objective is to apply these principles in a pragmatic manner and gain from those practicalities of life.